About the Podcast

A weekly podcast of conversations with pastor Jim Bradford. Each conversation focuses on life, faith, and leadership. We hope it helps you grow as a whole person and to minister out of a real depth of spirituality. Hosted by Chase Replogle.

Episode 132:

A Conversation on 2 Samuel

Pastor Jim explores the major themes of the book of 2 Samuel.


Episode 131:

A Conversation on 1 Samuel

Pastor Jim explores the major themes of the book of 1 Samuel


Episode 130:

A Conversation on Ruth

Pastor Jim explores the major themes of the book of Ruth.


Episode 129:

A Conversation on Judges

Pastor Jim explores the major themes of the book of Judges.


Episode 128:

A Conversation on Joshua

Pastor Jim explores the major themes of the book of Joshua.


Episode 127:

A Conversation on Deuteronomy

Pastor Jim explores the major themes of the book of Deuteronomy.


Episode 126:

A Conversation on Numbers

Pastor Jim explores the major themes of the book of Numbers.


Episode 125:

A Conversation on Leviticus

Pastor Jim explores the major themes of the book of Leviticus.


Episode 124:

A Conversation on Exodus

Pastor Jim explores the book of Exodus and its central themes.


Episode 123:

A Conversation on Genesis

Pastor Jim explores the first book of the Bible, Genesis.


Episode 122:

Closing Reflections on the Pastoral Letters

Pastor Jim reflects on the pastoral letters and the lessons that can be learned.


Episode 121:

Avoiding Foolish Controversy

Pastor Jim explores Paul's advice to avoid foolish controversies.


Episode 120:

How to Practice Submission

Pastor Jim continues to explore the topic of submissions and Paul's advice for how to practice submission.


Episode 119:

The Challenge of Submission

Pastor Jim explores the topic of submission and Paul's advice to submit to the governing authorities and to all people.


Episode 118:

Holiness and the Return of Christ

Pastor Jim explores the hope we have in Christ's return and how it leads us to greater holiness.


Episode 117:

Paul’s Advice to Slaves and Masters

Pastor Jim explores Paul's advice to slaves and masters and how it's still relevant today.


Episode 116:

Paul’s Multi-Generational Advice to Men and Women

Pastor Jim explores Paul's advice to the generations of men and women worshiping together in Crete.


Episode 115:

The Constant Challenge of False Teaching

Pastor Jim explores the false teaching at Crete and why leaders need humility and courage to stand for the truth.


Episode 114:

Leadership in the Church

In this week's episode, Pastor Jim explores Paul's qualifications for leadership in Crete.


Episode 113:

More Than a Profession

We begin our look at Paul's letter to Titus and examine the world ahead of him in Crete.


Episode 112:

An Introduction to the Letter to Titus

Join us as we introduce Paul's letter to Titus and explore themes ahead as we work through the book.


Episode 111:

Jim Bradford and Anthony Matrone in Conversation

Pastor Jim is joined by Pastor Anthony Matrone to discuss calling and navigating paths to ministry as a young minister.


Episode 110:

Jim Bradford and Carter McDaniel in Conversation

Pastor Jim is joined by Pastor Carter McDaniel to discuss building deeper ministry relationships.


Episode 109:

Jim Bradford and Don Tucker in Conversation

Pastor Jim is joined by Pastor Don Tucker to discuss building deeper ministry relationships.


Episode 108:

Paul’s Final Words to Timothy

We take a look at the final words of Paul's letters to Timothy and look back on lesser we've learned from these two books.


Episode 107:

Feeling Alone in Ministry

Pastor Jim explores the experience of isolation and loneliness in ministry and how Christ remains a constant friend.


Episode 106:

The Good Fight and Finishing the Race

Pastor Jim explores how we can each persevere in fighting the good fight and finishing the race.


Episode 105:

Keep Your Head

Pastor Jim explores the four charges of ministry Paul gives to Timothy.


Episode 104:

What Their Itching Ears Want to Hear

Pastor Jim explores Paul's warning about those who accumulate teachers who preach to their itching ears.


Episode 103:

Preach the Word

Pastor Jim explores the charge to preach the word and why its central to pastoral work.


Episode 102:

Equipped By Scripture

In today's episode, we explore the place of the scriptures in our lives and the churches we lead.


Episode 101:

Continue in What You Have Learned

In the face of real suffering and corruption, Paul encouraged Timothy to continue in what he had already received. We are called to do the same.


Episode 100:

Corruption of Leadership

Pastor Jim explores how corruption can work its way into the life of a ministry and how it can be avoided.


Episode 99:

Characteristics of the End Times

Pastor Jim explores Paul's characteristics of the end times and how Timothy could avoid being discouraged by them.


Episode 98:

Avoiding the Temptation of Controversy and Quarreling

Pastor Jim explores how to avoid being tempted into constant quarrels and controversy.


Episode 97:

Flee The Evil Desires of Youth

Pastor Jim explores Paul's advice to flee the evil desires of youth and instead pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace.


Episode 96:

The Spreading Danger of False Teaching

Pastor Jim explores the topic of false teaching and how Timothy could pursue truth and stability.


Episode 95:

As One Approved by God

Pastor Jim explores the topic of Quarreling and Paul's advice to present ourselves as approved before God.


Episode 94:

Paul’s Hymn for Those who Suffer

Paul offers Timothy another trustworthy saying, a hymn to help him turn his attention toward God even in the midst of his suffering.


Episode 93:

The Meaning of Surrender

Pastor Jim explores the relationship between commitment and surrender.


Episode 92:

Insights into Suffering

Pastor Jim explores Paul's three images of suffering and how they can lead to a greater reward.


Episode 91:

In Suffering, Our Strength is Grace

As Paul continues to reflect on suffering, we take a closer look at it advice to Timothy to remain strong in grace.


Episode 90:

Sharing in the Suffering

Pastor Jim explores the topic of suffering in Paul's life, in Timothy's life, and in our ministry work today.


Episode 89:

Fan Into Flame the Gifts

Pastor Jim takes a closer look at Paul's advice to fan into flames the gifts you've received.


Episode 88:

Spiritual Drift and a Legacy of Faith

Pastor Jim explores Paul and Timothy's relationship and how Paul encouraged Timothy to keep his faith active and sincere.


Episode 87:

The Place of Blessing

Pastor Jim provides context for Paul's second letter to Timothy and takes a look at the opening blessing.


Episode 86:

A Charge and an Encouragement for Ministry

Pastor Jim takes a closer look at Paul's final charge to Timothy in the last words of his letter.


Episode 85:

Conflict, Controversy, and Money

Pastor Jim takes a look at Paul's advice for contentment and how it frees us from both greed and controversy.


Episode 84:

Slaves, Masters, Work, and the Right Kind of Attitude

Pastor Jim looks at Paul's advice to slaves and masters and how it can still apply to our work today.


Episode 83:

Recognizing When Someone is Ready for Leadership

Pastor Jim explores how to recognize when a person is ready to bear greater responsibility as a leader.


Episode 82:

Leadership Failures and the Church

Pastor Jim explores the challenges of leadership failure and the accountability every leader needs.


Episode 81:

A Leader Worthy of Double Honor

Paul encourages Timothy to offer double honor to those faithful leaders serving the church well.


Episode 80:

Caring for Needs in the Church

In this week's episode, we take a look at the church's responsibility to care for widows and how we carry out that work today.


Episode 79:

Pastoring People as the Family of God

Pastor Jim explores the central image of a family in Paul's advice to Timothy. How should we recognize the people we pastor as brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers.


Episode 78:

Paul’s Concluding Coaching Advice to Timothy

Pastor Jim explores the important final verse of Paul's leadership advice to Timothy in chapter four. Timothy is to watch his life and teaching closely.


Episode 77:

Paul’s Advice for Growing Influence

Pastor Jim explores the topic of influence and Paul's advice to Timothy on how to build trust with the churches he led.


Episode 76:

The Personal Habits of Leaders

Paul turns his attention from the spread of false teaching to the personal habits of Timothy, and by it, helps us pay closer attention to our own habits.


Episode 75:

Facing False Teaching in the Church

Timothy served a church overrun with false teaching. Paul had left him in Ephesus specifically to face this challenge.


Episode 74:

Conducting Yourself in the Household of God

Pastor Jim explores Paul's call to godly conduct and its place within the household of God.


Episode 73:

Elders, Deacons, and Evaluating Your Own Qualifications

Pastor Jim continues to look at Paul's list of leadership qualifications and explores how you can use the list for your own continued growth.


Episode 72:

The 15 Qualifications of Leadership

Pastor Jim takes a closer look at Paul's qualifications for elders and deacons.


Episode 71:

The Noble Task and Its Qualifications

In this week's episode, we take a closer look at Paul's qualifications for leaders in the church.


Episode 70:

The Holy Spirit and the Call to Ministry

Pastor Jim explores how the promise of the Holy Spirit is for all people, men and women, young and old.


Episode 69:

The Question of Women in Ministry

Pastor Jim explores one of Paul's most debated passages of scripture and seeks to better understand the role of women in ministry.


Episode 68:

Advice for Men and Women at Prayer

The church at Ephesus was facing challenges, challenges that were impacting their praying. Pastor Jim explores these challenges and what we can learn from Paul's advice for today.


Episode 67:

Pray for Those in Authority

"First of all" the Apostle Paul began, Timothy should pray for all people. Paul was more specific in calling for Timothy to pray for those in authority.


Episode 66:

Paul’s Trustworthy saying for Young Pastors

In this week's episode, we look at Paul's charge to Timothy and how the simplicity of the gospel still grounds pastoral work today.


Episode 65:

Timothy’s Charge and Facing False Teaching

This week, we take a closer look at Timothy's charge to face false teaching in Ephesus and how we should deal with false teaching in our day.


Episode 64:

Who were Timothy, Titus, and Paul

In this week's episode, we explore Timothy, Titus, and Paul as well as their unique places of pastoral work.


Episode 63:

Why The Pastoral Epistles?

We kick off a new series of conversations taking a closer look at the pastoral epistles and their relevance for today?


Episode 62:

Dealing with Doubt and Deconstruction

Pastor Jim explores the topic of doubt and the recent emphasis many have placed on deconstructing faith.


Episode 61:

Questions About Creation

Pastor Jim explores questions about creation, Genesis, and the scientific controversies.


Episode 60:

What Science Can and Can’t Teach Us

Pastor Jim explores recent breakthroughs in science and the limits of how far the scientific method can take us.


Episode 59:

Faith and Science

Pastor Jim describes his early interest in science and how studying science deepened his faith.


Episode 58:

The Reality of Spiritual Warfare

We conclude our conversations on stamina by taking a look at the reality of spiritual warfare and the need for spiritual stamina.


Episode 57:

Leaders Manage Emotions

We continue our conversation on stamina by looking at the work of managing emotions.


Episode 56:

What to Do With What You Feel

Pastor Jim explores how feels have become the leader of our perspective and actions and offers a better way to manage your emotions.


Episode 55:

Stamina and Physical Health

Pastor Jim explores how physical health is connected to stamina and how it connects to a deepening spiritual life.


Episode 54:

Developing and Maintaining Ministry Stamina

Pastor Jim explores the importance of perseverance and stamina and how to manage them well.


Episode 53:

Leading A Team Through Change

In our final conversation on change, Pastor Jim explores the importance of teams and how to share the work of managing emotions and anxiety.


Episode 52:

Change, Mission, and Facing Resistance

In this episode, Pastor Jim explores how change should be directly connected to the church's mission.


Episode 51:

Knowing When Change is Necessary

We all know that change is inevitable but leading change can be one of the most challenging aspects of leadership.


Episode 50:

Developing Preaching Authenticity

Pastor Jim explores the topic of authenticity in preaching and how to learn from the best while being free to be yourself.


Episode 49:

The Importance of Application and Illustration

In this week's episode, we explore the importance of application and illustrations in building and delivering effective sermons.


Episode 48:

Sermon Preparation

Pastor Jim breaks down how he approaches sermon preparation and how to integrate your spiritual life into your sermon work.


Episode 47:

Improving at Preaching

We begin a new series of conversations on the task and challenge of preaching.


Episode 46:

10 Team Competencies

Pastor Jim continues to look at the dynamics of teams by listing the ten competencies teams should strive for.


Episode 45:

The 10 Values of a Better Team (Continued)

In today's episode, we continue looking at the ten values that produce better teams.


Episode 44:

The 10 Values of a Better Team

We continue our conversation on teams by looking at the ten key values pastor Jim believes make for a better team.


Episode 43:

The Importance of Teams in Ministry

Pastor Jim explains the importance of teams and why Jesus chose to do ministry with others.


Episode 42:

Am I Really Called to Vocational Ministry

Pastor Jim explores the topic of calling and how to evaluate a sense of being called to full-time vocational ministry.


Episode 41:

Question for Hiring and Self-Evaluation (Part 4)

In this episode, Pastor Jim wraps up his list of questions for evaluating a new hire and yourself.


Episode 40:

Question for Hiring and Self-Evaluation (Part 3)

We continue our conversation on Pastor Jim's sixteen questions for team and self-evaluation.


Episode 39:

Question for Hiring and Self-Evaluation (Part 2)

We continue our look at Pastor Jim's sixteen questions for team and self-evaluation.


Episode 38:

Question for Hiring and Self-Evaluation (Part 1)

In this new series of discussions, we take a look at 16 questions of evaluation for hiring and self-evaluation.


Episode 37:

Cultivating Excellence and Offering Appreciation

In our final conversation on developing a philosophy of ministry, Pastor Jim explores the topics of excellence and appreciation.


Episode 36:

Developing People and Sharing Authority

Pastor Jim describes the necessity of developing others and why sharing authority is central to that work.


Episode 35:

Setting Attitude and Sharing Vision

Pastor Jim explores the work of setting attitudes and sharing vision, two keys to his philosophy of ministry.


Episode 34:

Developing Your Philosophy of Ministry

We begin a new series looking at Pastor Jim's philosophy of ministry and how you can clarify your own.


Episode 33:

Pastor Oversight: Facing Decline

After looking at the four areas of pastoral oversight, Pastor Jim explores how they fit together and questions you can ask in your own oversight.


Episode 32:

Pastoral Oversight: Organization

What are the organizational responsibilities of ministry and how was Jesus organizational.


Episode 31:

Pastoral Oversight: Mission

Pastor Jim explores the oversight role of mission and how churches can maintain a rich sense of their missional purpose.


Episode 30:

Pastoral Oversight: Relationships

Jim discusses the importance of relationships and how a pastor can provide relational oversight to the congregation they lead.


Episode 29:

Humility and Meekness Matter Even More Than You Realize

Pastor Jim explores the important topics of humility and meekness.


Episode 28:

Self-pity is Quick Sand

Self-pity is a trap and a pleasure of pain that keeps us stunted in our faith and effectiveness.


Episode 27:

If It Wasn’t for These People…

In this week's episode, Pastor Jim explores why leaders are called to believe in the best for the people they pastor and how you can rediscover that optimism.


Episode 26:

Which Type of Power are You Working From

Jim discusses the three types of power and how Jesus flipped how his disciples should think about them.


Episode 25:

Living in the Spirit

What does it mean to live in a constant fellowship with the Spirit? Pastor Jim explores the role of the Spirit in all of life.


Episode 24:

Learning to Abide in Prayer

In this week's episode, Pastor Jim tackles the topic of prayer. What doe sit mean to abide in prayer.


Episode 23:

Finding Ways to Stay in Scripture

Scripture is at the center of the life of a believer, but in today's episode, Pastor Jim explores the significance of abiding and living daily in those scriptures.


Episode 22:

Why We’re Reluctant to Embrace Our Brokenness

Pastor Jim explores our brokenness and why embracing this position of dependence is critical to spiritual leadership.


Episode 21:

The Dangers of Externalized Ministry

Ministry comes with a nearly constant danger of externalizing and professionalizing the work. Jim explores how to keep that work personal and authentic.


Episode 20:

A Commitment to Living with Joy

Why is joy so hard to hold on to and why is it so important? Pastor Jim explores the seventh and final of his personal commitments—living joyfully.


Episode 19:

Curiosity and a Commitment to Learning

Pastor Jim describes his commitment to love learning as we talk books, education, and hobbies.


Episode 18:

Why Change Can Feel Too Risky

Pastor Jim explores the topic of change and why taking risks can leave us feeling stuck and nostalgic.


Episode 17:

Taking Responsibility and the Risk of Unresolved Anger

Do I acknowledge my mistakes or am I always blaming others and using the pulpit to vent my unresolved anger?


Episode 16:

Learning To Be Yourself

Too often our sense of identity is driven by comparison. Jim explains the importance of thinking theologically about who you are.


Episode 15:

The Importance of Personal Integrity

Why is integrity so critical for a healthy life and ministry and why are secrets so destructive?


Episode 14:

Making Personal Commitments: Know God

Jim explains how he developed his seven personal commitment and discusses the first, know God.


Episode 13:

Is it wrong to want more influence?

What is the pastor's relationship to influence and should we be attempting to grow it?


Episode 12:

What is Spiritual Leadership?

Pastor Jim unpacks his definition of spiritual leadership: “walking in the Spirit’s life, making and keeping life commitments, earning trust, demanding little for ourselves, and lifting others up.”


Episode 11:

Faith For the Future of Your Church

In this week's episode, Pastor Jim describes his commitment to beliving in the future with his congregation. Jim draws a distinction between strategic planning and believing together.


Episode 10:

People-Centered and Team-Based

It's easy to get lost in the leadership vocabulary and technique and forget the core of loving people.


Episode 09:

COVID and the Future of the Church

What kind of long-term impact will the COVID crisis have on churches and the way we do ministry?


Episode 08:

Navigating Conspiracies, Politics, and Diverse Opinions

How should the church worship in the midst of deep divisions, growing controversies, and opinions?


Episode 07:

How to Make Good Decisions During a Crisis?

In today's episode, Jim and I discuss how to make good decisions during a crisis and how to avoid decision fatigue.


Episode 06:

Discussing the Personal Impacts of COVID19

COVID19 has changed so much about pastoral ministry but how are those changes impacting ministers personally. In this episode, we take a look at the signs of stress, anxiety, and decision fatigue.


Episode 05:

Dealing with Expectations and Disappointment

In this episode, Jim describes the reality of pastoral disappointment. Pastors not only feel disappointment, but they also inflict it on others. It's a reality that frames the work we do as pastors.


Episode 04:

The Risk of Growing A Church While Not Growing As A Person

Jim outlines the second of his five pastoral commitments: be a growing person. There are risks in basing your leadership on outward responsibilities and perceptions. A leader must be constantly giving attention to personal growth.


Episode 03:

What We’re Missing in our Conversations About Leadership

For several decades the church has given a lot of attention to the topic of leadership. There are conferences, podcasts, books, and academic programs all helping pastors become better leaders. In this episode, we discuss the pastoral interest in leadership and what might be missing from those conversations.


Episode 02:

Vocation and Sensing A Call to Ministry

A Ph.D. in aerospace engineering is not a typical preparation for pastoral ministry, but God often prepares us in unexpected ways. In this episode, Jim discusses his own path to ministry and how each of us can process our own vocational calligns.


Episode 01:

An Introduction to the Podcast

What we hope this podcast will be is a wide-ranging series of conversations to help you grow as a person and as a spiritual leader. In this first episode, we take a few moments to introduce one another and introduce you to what’s to come.