About the Podcast

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Episode 10:

People-Centered and Team-Based

It's easy to get lost in the leadership vocabulary and technique and forget the core of loving people.


Episode 09:

COVID and the Future of the Church

What kind of long-term impact will the COVID crisis have on churches and the way we do ministry?


Episode 08:

Navigating Conspiracies, Politics, and Diverse Opinions

How should the church worship in the midst of deep divisions, growing controversies, and opinions?


Episode 07:

How to Make Good Decisions During a Crisis?

In today's episode, Jim and I discuss how to make good decisions during a crisis and how to avoid decision fatigue.


Episode 06:

Discussing the Personal Impacts of COVID19

COVID19 has changed so much about pastoral ministry but how are those changes impacting ministers personally. In this episode, we take a look at the signs of stress, anxiety, and decision fatigue.


Episode 05:

Dealing with Expectations and Disappointment

In this episode, Jim describes the reality of pastoral disappointment. Pastors not only feel disappointment, but they also inflict it on others. It's a reality that frames the work we do as pastors.


Episode 04:

The Risk of Growing A Church While Not Growing As A Person

Jim outlines the second of his five pastoral commitments: be a growing person. There are risks in basing your leadership on outward responsibilities and perceptions. A leader must be constantly giving attention to personal growth.


Episode 03:

What We’re Missing in our Conversations About Leadership

For several decades the church has given a lot of attention to the topic of leadership. There are conferences, podcasts, books, and academic programs all helping pastors become better leaders. In this episode, we discuss the pastoral interest in leadership and what might be missing from those conversations.


Episode 02:

Vocation and Sensing A Call to Ministry

A Ph.D. in aerospace engineering is not a typical preparation for pastoral ministry, but God often prepares us in unexpected ways. In this episode, Jim discusses his own path to ministry and how each of us can process our own vocational calligns.


Episode 01:

An Introduction to the Podcast

What we hope this podcast will be is a wide-ranging series of conversations to help you grow as a person and as a spiritual leader. In this first episode, we take a few moments to introduce one another and introduce you to what’s to come.