Episode 116

Paul’s Multi-Generational Advice to Men and Women

Pastor Jim explores Paul's advice to the generations of men and women worshiping together in Crete.

Wednesday, February 1st, 2023 — Hosted by Chase Replogle

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Paul’s Multi-Generational Advice to Men and Women

Paul was a pastor at heart. He understood how to preach and how to correct false teaching, but he always had his eye on the community life of the church. In writing to Titus, Paul offered advice for though men and women should serve one another and the younger generations. In our conversation, Pastor Jim explores how older men and women can set an example for those younger than themselves and why younger generations should honor and respect the lives and lessons of those older than themselves.

Central Assembly continues to be a multi-generational congregation and Pastor Jim offers helpful insights on how generations of believers can learn from each other.