Episode 77

Paul’s Advice for Growing Influence

Pastor Jim explores the topic of influence and Paul's advice to Timothy on how to build trust with the churches he led.

Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 — Hosted by Chase Replogle

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Paul’s Advice for Growing Influence

One of the challenges Timothy faced in Ephesus was attacks on his influence. Paul recognized that to be effective, Timothy would have to earn the trust and respect of the churches he lead. Paul gave him some pretty simple advice; teach people the word of God and live it out in front of them.

There is a lot of talk about influence in our world, but Pastor Jim unpacks Paul’s simple advice to Timothy. Pastor Jim helps us think about the work of cultivating our own influence, the patience it requires, and the integrity. Today’s episode is a good reminder for all of us, especially those facing challenges of our own.